What I’m looking for

Below is my ideal campaign situation.  Hopefully I can find some/most of what I want 🙂


1.  I’m looking for people who want an immersive experience.  I’m not talking about getting ‘weird’ and dressing up or anything.  What I’m talking about is playing, as much as possible, in character.  Using only the information your character knows, talking from the characters voice, thinking about what your character would do, etc.  If there are a lot of off-topic tangent conversations, or joking about stuff, or making lots of comments so you can show everyone how much you know about something… stuff that isn’t moving the story forward, that hurts the fun, in my opinion.

2.  I’m looking for people who want to consistently play 6-8hrs a session, once a week… or more.  Lets get into the game and play it, or lets not.  If you feel this amount of time is too much, then this probably isn’t the game for you.  I want people excited to play, and looking forward to next week’s play.  The possibility of small side adventures on off session nights, maybe even over Skype, is something I could entertain.  Say 1-2 characters want to do something during the down time for 2-4 hrs. during the week.

3.  I’m looking for people who are willing and want to learn everything about their class, their deity (if they have one), etc.  Prepare, so it goes faster.

4.  Looking for creativity.  Not every encounter has to be combat.

5.  Looking for people who are ok with their character dying, if that happens.  They can remake a new character at a level or two below the party and be ok with that.

6.  I’m looking for the start time to be the start time.  If you are the type of person who is always late, just pretend the start time is 30 minutes earlier and get there on time.  If we are always starting 15-30 minutes late because we can’t all get there on time, no one likes that.



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