Known Deities

I’m going to use some Forgotten Realms deities, which you can google for detail.  Mainly using them for their alignment designation, portfolio, and domains.  The following are the deities that have been heard of.  Note:  some people of the land don’t worship a particular deity or even spend much time thinking about them, so you don’t have to choose one to ‘follow’ if that doesn’t fit your character.

Torm – LG – God of justice, religion of the free city of Ganteal.  All (known) paladins follow Torm.

Lathander – NG – God of spring, birth, ‘life’, farming.  Most of the Tameril folk follow this god.

Selune – CG – Godess of the moon, travel, the sea.  The folks in the kingdom of Karmator worship her.

Mystra – LN – Godess of magic.  Magic users are typically the only folk who are interested in  her.

Silvanus – N – Nature, wild.  Rangers, druids, that sort worship him; not a common site to find someone following Silvanus.

Moradin – LG – God of the dwarves, metalcraft, smithing

Corellon Larethian – CG – God of the elves

Bane – LE – cult of Bane is rumor and here say only; Bane is who you tell your kids about when you want them to behave

Mask – NE – god of thieves, extremely power hungry folk.  No one openly talks about Mask.

Cyric – CE – another evil god(demon) no one talks about

Gruumsh – CE – god of the orcs





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