What I’m looking for

Below is my ideal campaign situation.  Hopefully I can find some/most of what I want 🙂


1.  I’m looking for people who want an immersive experience.  I’m not talking about getting ‘weird’ and dressing up or anything.  What I’m talking about is playing, as much as possible, in character.  Using only the information your character knows, talking from the characters voice, thinking about what your character would do, etc.  If there are a lot of off-topic tangent conversations, or joking about stuff, or making lots of comments so you can show everyone how much you know about something… stuff that isn’t moving the story forward, that hurts the fun, in my opinion.

2.  I’m looking for people who want to consistently play 6-8hrs a session, once a week… or more.  Lets get into the game and play it, or lets not.  If you feel this amount of time is too much, then this probably isn’t the game for you.  I want people excited to play, and looking forward to next week’s play.  The possibility of small side adventures on off session nights, maybe even over Skype, is something I could entertain.  Say 1-2 characters want to do something during the down time for 2-4 hrs. during the week.

3.  I’m looking for people who are willing and want to learn everything about their class, their deity (if they have one), etc.  Prepare, so it goes faster.

4.  Looking for creativity.  Not every encounter has to be combat.

5.  Looking for people who are ok with their character dying, if that happens.  They can remake a new character at a level or two below the party and be ok with that.

6.  I’m looking for the start time to be the start time.  If you are the type of person who is always late, just pretend the start time is 30 minutes earlier and get there on time.  If we are always starting 15-30 minutes late because we can’t all get there on time, no one likes that.



Nothing is set in stone.  Below are my preferences.  If you want to play a class I’m not allowing, or make a custom class/prestige class, let me know about it and we will discuss how you will play it.


Barbarian – unavailable.  If you have a great idea for a fun barbarian that will work with the party, lets talk.  My main concern is I don’t want ‘dumb’ or ‘crazy’ characters.

Cleric – allowed.  In fact I encourage you to think of a cleric much more than a ‘healbot’  Clerics have a lot of spells besides healing spells.  I’m also going to be very open to giving clerics more powerful offensive and/or alteration spells… specifically in the lines of weather/elemental control, angelic/demonic summoning, powerful anti-planar or undead abilities, etc… depending upon deity.  Also want to make a ‘cleric/fighter hybrid’ custom class that would be much more of a melee asset but less so of a powerful caster, but would still have some heal/buff abilities.

Druid – unavailable

Fighter – allowed.  Another class that has lots of custom options I’m not sure if people think about.  Specialize as a master archer, a mounted lancer, sword and board, 2hander, or a mix of many.  Fighters get a lot of cool feats and skill that can make a fighter very customizable.

Monk – unavailable

Paladin – allowed.  Paladins don’t have to be cookie-cutter goodie goodies.  Paladins are good and have a code of honor, but they don’t have to be cheezy or over the top have to help out every beggar in trouble.

Ranger – allowed

Rogue – allowed

Sorcerer – unavailable

Wizard – allowed

Multiclass/Dual Class – allowed

Prestige Classes – unavailable (we can talk if you have a cool idea)

You can get access to all the manuals, rules, etc. at



This might start to rant on about a bunch of stuff about the campaign besides magic level, you are warned.


On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m shooting for a magic level of ‘4’.  I’ll try to use examples to show what I mean.

A 3rd level character may well have a single magic item (shield, weapon, wand) for example

A 5th level character probably has 2-3 magic items.

An 8th level character probably has 5 or more magic items.


Magic items aren’t going to be found off some random guard or bandit.  Strong leaders may or may not have magic items and if they do they are probably using them against the party!  Other times magic may be found in secret places that only skilled folks who are actively looking and listening will find.  At later levels characters with the right skills may even be able to craft magic items.

‘Most’ magic items will be more colorful than ‘+1 longsword’.  They will have a description, and have more interesting stats like, ‘sword of Erin Vanith:  +1 to hit, +2 dmg. to orcs, 1/week cause fear to d8 orcs with saving throw’


Type of campaign rant:

Not every encounter will fighting be a good option.  There will intentionally be encounters where fleeing or negotiating or sneaking is the only way to make it out alive.  You MUST NOT assume you will always make it out alive if you draw your sword.  For example, some villians may be introduced in one session as foreshadowing for a future session…. don’t fight a werewolf if all you have is a regular sword 🙂

Campaign leveling flow.  I anticipate level one and two to take one session each.  Two sessions for level 3,4. Levels 5-8 are the ‘heart’ of the campaign and will take several sessions each.  Level 10+ characters are pretty ‘demi-god’ like and will be exploring in some unusual places (if we get that far).  If a character dies, they can remake a new character at 1-2 levels below the party, depending.  You will catch up to the same lvl rapidly.  If the entire party dies, have the option of rerolling at -1 level or starting over.

Resurrection.  Don’t count on it.  Its super uncommon.  Only one person in the known world is able to do it, and he doesn’t just do it for a free beer.  If you are level 5 or below, your odds of coming back is 0%.  You’ll likely know when resurrection may be an option.

DM fudging, combat balance.  My goal is to make the game entertaining and challenging.  Not overly dangerous/ridiculous.  If combat is too easy, if terrible choices have no negative side effect, the game has less suspense or excitement.  If its too hard it feels unfair.  I’ll try to strike a good balance.  If the combat is too hard; the party is doing well but there was just too many bandits or they got some lucky hits, I’ll probably fudge a bit.  If the characters are in danger because of bad choices, less so.



I’m going to use some Forgotten Realms deities, which you can google for detail.  Mainly using them for their alignment designation, portfolio, and domains.  The following are the deities that have been heard of.  Note:  some people of the land don’t worship a particular deity or even spend much time thinking about them, so you don’t have to choose one to ‘follow’ if that doesn’t fit your character.

Torm – LG – God of justice, religion of the free city of Ganteal.  All (known) paladins follow Torm.

Lathander – NG – God of spring, birth, ‘life’, farming.  Most of the Tameril folk follow this god.

Selune – CG – Godess of the moon, travel, the sea.  The folks in the kingdom of Karmator worship her.

Mystra – LN – Godess of magic.  Magic users are typically the only folk who are interested in  her.

Silvanus – N – Nature, wild.  Rangers, druids, that sort worship him; not a common site to find someone following Silvanus.

Moradin – LG – God of the dwarves, metalcraft, smithing

Corellon Larethian – CG – God of the elves

Bane – LE – cult of Bane is rumor and here say only; Bane is who you tell your kids about when you want them to behave

Mask – NE – god of thieves, extremely power hungry folk.  No one openly talks about Mask.

Cyric – CE – another evil god(demon) no one talks about

Gruumsh – CE – god of the orcs




The Tameril people originated east of the Great Desert. Over 700 years ago, they left their homeland and crossed the wasteland, arriving broken but not beaten at the free city of Ganteal. The reasons that prompted the exodus have been lost to history; the sages dare not speak of the tale.

Cladin the Traveler, King of the Tameril people, decided to settle his people on the northern edge of the Velaneen Forest, on the eastern banks of the Yazminar River. There the town of Arcat was formed. Life was good for the Tameril’s in their new home. Mining could be done to the north, farming to the east, hunting and lumber to the south. The dwarves to the north had plenty of metals, gold, and gems for trade. Even the elves to the southwest would trade rare woods, medicines, and fine goods. The Yazminar river was used as a commerce channel all the way south to the coastal city of Gelre, the western border of the kingdom of Karmator.

Over time the new Kingdom of Tameril required more and more land for the growth of their people. They grew mainly southeast, clearing the forest for farmlands and villages. This of course greatly upset the elves who inhabited the Velaneen. For a time they tolerated this expansion. When the deforestation of the land grab became too great, the elves went to war with Tameril. This war started 30 years ago.

There being no love loss between dwarves and elves, the dwarves aided Tameril. Besides, the trade with the humans was very lucrative. The war was fought for three years, a bloody affair. The elves could easily maintain their forest to the west of Velaneen, but the humans and dwarves fought them back on the eastern banks, the forests being much less dense on that side. A truce was eventually struck: all lands to the east of the Yazminar in the Velaneen would belong to Tameril, and Tameril would have rights to use the Yazminar as a trade route. The free town of Elyanth, which sits in the south of the forest where the Yazminar forks into two streams, would remain a neutral site under the watch of the half-elven ranger Atherilien.

After this war the elves retreated deep into the western forest becoming even more reclusive than they were before. They have nothing to do with humans or dwarves, and it is common knowledge that if you trek west of the Yazminar, you likely end up wearing a quiver of arrows in your chest.

The weakening of the elves had a very negative side effect. It allowed the orcs to the south to multiply and become much stronger. Goblins also inhabit the southern woods, mostly subservient or enslaved by the orcs.

King Philip who started the war with the elves died 12 years ago. His first born son, Branic succeeded him. Philip’s bastard son Tomlin, who was the courageous leader of the Tameril army during the war, openly resents his half brother’s rule. To pacify Tomlin, and the many subject who adore him, Branic made him a Duke and gave him the newly claimed lands to the south and east.


Ganteal is a great walled city sitting on the northeastern edge of civilization. The Great Desert lies to the east, and the Narnith Mountains flanks it to the north (also called ‘the roof of the world’ or ‘the roof’ commonly).

Ganteal is ruled by a council of seven knights (paladins), going by the name ‘Order of the Silver Bear’. There is a large temple to Torm run by a pontiff (he is the rumored to be able to resurrect the dead, the only known person with that ability).

There is a very small gnomish community living in Ganteal, origins unknown.


Karmator is a kingdom to the south of Tameril and Ganteal, if kingdom is the proper term. They are very casual and peaceful folk who fish off their coastland and gather fruits from their trees. Gelre is their western most town, Uberan being their capital in the middle.

There is a small peninsula in the lands which is inhabited by Halfling folk who mainly keep to themselves. Gaining access to the peninsula is best done by sea due to high mountains.  The town of Groveport is used as a trading hub between the halfings and humans of Karmator.

Much to the south of Karmator, in the Serpent ocean, is an island nation called Elisthriel.  Grey elves inhabit this island. These elves are much more frail than the wood elves of Velaneen. They are reputed to be very skilled practicioners of the magic.  Travel by sea to Elisthriel is way too danergous for the best known sailors of Karmator.  Once is a great while an elven vessal will come to Karmator to trade or bring news.

The lands west of Gelre are swamplands.  Humans do not dare tread near it.

It is unknown to most what is to the west of the wood elves of the Velaneen forest.

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